via Vice Munchies, a new report with extensive research linking use of pesticides and farmer’s suicidal depression. From the article:

“Plenty of these studies have been done in the past, and basically all of them come to the conclusion that exposure to pesticides leads to neurological effects which in turn cause a depression that can increase the likelihood of suicide,” says Melanie Forti, director of health and safety programs at the Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs, a farmer advocacy group based in Washington, D.C. […]

Lack of regulation is an even bigger problem in countries in South America and Asia, Forti points out. A study of Brazilian farmworkers found a link between pesticide use and suicide; in the farming-intensive region of Zhejiang, in China, farmers who stored pesticides in their homes were found to be almost twice as prone to suicidal thoughts.

And about the link between immigration, farm workers and depression:

“Eighty percent of domestic farmworkers are Latinos,” she said. “These people have left their countries in pursuit of the American dream, and they’ve had to leave their families behind. And when you add to that 40 years of exposure to pesticides? You can see why depression might affect them.”

Read the rest at Munchies.

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