This past weekend the Food Festival Amsterdam took place at the RAI. It was amazing and the variety of food vendors, small producers, food trucks, carts, chefs, bartenders and pop up restaurants was overwhelming.Some of my favorite vendors and trucks were there and being the glutton that I am, I had troubles keeping up with everything that was on offer. I cannot stress this enough: this was an impressive line up and an incredible food festival that I really hope keeps coming back every year. This festival, together with spring and summer staples like the Rollende Keukens or the year long Sunday Market, are a testament to the ever growing and rich food culture in Amsterdam.

I have made so many photos that it would be impossible to post them all in a single entry so I am adding a relatively small gallery here and I will upload the rest to Facebook. Here’s hoping for a return of the Food Festival Amsterdam!

_MG_3001 _MG_3002 _MG_3000 _MG_3005 _MG_3008 _MG_3017 _MG_3024 _MG_3031 _MG_3034 _MG_3047 _MG_3052 _MG_3054 _MG_3070 _MG_3072 _MG_3079 _MG_3086 _MG_3096 _MG_3101 _MG_3113 _MG_3120 IMG_2797 IMG_2817 IMG_2822 IMG_2862

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