Courtesy of a newsletter from one of my local food stores, this gem: Hand Cooked Potato chips.

Say what?!


Say what?! Hand cooked potato chips?! I get the need to push the fable that this stuff is artisan made; there is an actual human being involved in the creation of this product; this is not (I repeat NOT!) like the industrial stuff, etc etc yadda yadda. However, there is a limit between creating the impression and marketing of something and making specious claims that are not only absurd but frankly offensive, if anything due to the physicality of the claim. I mean, someone held the chips in their hand while they were deep fried? How does this work? Did someone (certainly a victim) make a little cup with their hands that was, in turn, filled with scalding hot oil and held the chips and the oil for the duration of the frying process? How does “hand cooked” work? And more importantly, how are the people involved in this disaster recovering from what must certainly be third degree (or worse) burns? Will we get human skin attached to this chips? They are also “Straight from the land”. Does this mean we get a whole potato bagged raw? The “hand cooked” allegation is at direct odds with the “straight from the land” statement. I mean, if someone cut it and held it while it was fried (taking their statements at face value here), then it cannot be “straight from the land”. I have so many questions…

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