I started this blog for a few reasons. Namely, as a writer, I wanted to have an outlet for the stuff I am interested in. However, I wanted to focus on something I love rather than on the more political stuff I used to write. I would say, I wanted to focus on beauty for a change. I wanted to have a place where I could share the things that make me happy rather than the things I worry about. Being who I am, of course I am devoting an entire section of the blog to food politics because I care about people more than I care about food itself. The people who make our food possible; the people who consume food (or can’t consume due to structural political reasons); the labor practices and environmental consequences of our food, etc. I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t have a space to write about these topics as well.


Community Garden in Amsterdam Nieuwe West – Click to Enlarge

When I got sick one of the ways in which I did my best to heal was through trying to reconnect to beauty in my surroundings. It was easy for me to lose sight of this beauty when I was immersed in so much pain. I live in a neighborhood that nobody would ever classify as “beautiful”. It’s a part of Amsterdam that strives on generic housing and grey landscapes. Yet, there is so much nature around me. Sometimes this nature is openly available for anyone who walks by, like in the parks or green areas but sometimes it is hidden in a neighbor’s front yard or on the little patches of trees and bushes that dot the area or in community gardens behind parking lots.

Pumpkin Flower

Pumpkin Flower – Click to Enlarge

Looking at all this nature I realized how, if I paid attention, I could see the seasons change and how each different color that appeared in nature brought a new crop to my local markets. I started to realize that, if I looked, I could see how the food we are eating on a given season is correlated to the colors that appeared in the nature surrounding us, right where I live. I didn’t need to travel far to see these cycles in action. A walk by my local park, a short walk to the shopping area or even just waiting for the tram or the bus, if I looked around me, I could see the colors change throughout the months.


Community Garden Amsterdam Nieuwe West

I started to take photos of these cycles of nature. As I said, I wanted to see the beauty that was around me, the trees, the landscapes, the colors changing, sometimes just a leaf or a flower. The more I connected to these changes, the more I paid attention to the different seasonal foods that would appear month after month in the markets. So, in this blog, I also want to capture seasonality not merely through what we eat but also through what we see around us. I found these sights and colors beautiful, the least I can do is share them with everyone else.

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